For The First Time Three Wild Sand Cat Kittens Were Spotted Into The Wild

For the first time three wild sand cat kittens were spotted into the wild in the kingdom of Morocco!

The kittens were spotted somewhere in the Moroccan Sahara. This is likely the first sighting of sand cat kittens in the Sahara. The amazing video that is the result of the work of a team led by wild cat biologists – Dr. Alexander Sliwa and Gregory Breton. They study this elusive species in the wild since 2013 with Sahrawi and Moroccan collaborators and the help of over 10 radio-collared cats.

This footage was filmed after spotting these three kittens hidden underneath a tuft of perennial grass during their last night of work 4 km on their way back to their camp.

The kittens are estimated to be 6 to 8 weeks old.

“Our team is today revealing this nice footage of three wild sand cat kittens observed during our scientific field trip of April 2017. To our knowledge, this is the first-ever video of young wild sand cat kittens.” is written at the description of the video that was posted on YouTube.

Sand cats are wild desert species. Please don’t try to acquire them as a pet, rather save an abandoned domestic cat.

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