How To Care Of Newborn Kittens!

Taking care of newborn kittens that have been orphaned can be an unique experience and very rewarding!

If you rescue newborn kittens who have been orphaned here are a few tips about how to take care with them:

– Always take care to wash your hands before and after handling the kittens. They can be susceptible to germs and bacteria that you can have on your hands. This is also a safety measure if you have other cats in care.

– Newborn kittens cannot regulate their body temperature alone so they will need to day in a warm place. You can keep them in a box and put a bottle with warm water wrapped in a towel near them. Make sure you will change often the water to keep the place warm.

– You can put near them a soft toy, they will love it and will make them feel safe.

– Don’t separate the kittens, they will keep each other warm and will feel comforted.

– Buy from a vet clinic powdered cat milk replacer. Don’t give them cow’s milk as that is not good for their stomachs.

– Buy a special bottle and nipple from the vet clinic.

– After preparing the milk place the nipple into the side, then center of her mouth. The kitten will adjust it in a comfortable way for him. Some might not start eating immediately. In this case offer them a little help by pushing slowly the nipple with your finger so that some milk to go into his mouth. Sometimes they don’t have enough force to eat but after a few meals they will start to control the suction from the bottle.

– Feed the kittens once at 3 hours if they are under 2 weeks old. After 2 weeks old you can start feeding them at once at 5 hours. They will start eating more milk.

– Help the kittens eliminate feces and urine before and after each feed! They can’t do it alone when they are so small. Normally the mother licks them but when they don’t have a mother they will need your help. You’ll need to wipe the kitten’s bottom with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. This stimulates the kitten to go to the toilet. After the kitten starts urinate or defecate, keep rubbing until the kitten stops or she may not completely eliminate.

– Keep in touch with a vet, ask for advice and if you notice anything wrong with the kittens contact him immediately!

In this video you can see some funny moments with a kitten who was rescued right after he was born and cared by a kind human. Just look at him how he is playing with the nipple and how he is holding the bottle! He is adorable!