Seagull Steals Food From World’s Laziest Cat!

Seagulls are very intelligent birds. They use bread crumbs to attract fish and produce rain-like sound with their feet to attract earthworms hidden under the ground. A seagull can learn, remember and even pass on behaviours, like stamping their feet in a group to imitate rainfall and trick earthworms to get out to the surface. They aren’t the biggest animals, or the fastest, or the strongest. But they might just be the most cunning. As we found out from many videos posted on social media, seagulls are by far the biggest thieves of the animal kingdom. They always wait for just the right moment, and, when the opportunity presents itself, they’ll rob you blind!

A seagull is one of the few birds with very little discernment about what it consumes. While the preference of seagulls is usually fish, mollusks, and also insects like worms, they will not hesitate to eat from a trash can whatever they find. Why do seagulls like living in town and cities near people? Because they are the best at scavenging for food. They steal food from people but also from pets.

Some of them prefer to obtain their food in a very easy way. Like the seagull in the video below. He is stealing a cat’s food while the cat just watches as he walks through the door straight to his food bowl. He has no problem to walk through the door and to eat from the cat’s bowl. Right after he goes out he decides the cats food is too delicious so he goes back and steal the bowl. It seems the cat is too lazy and he doesn’t bother to see the bird stealing his food! They are both so funny, the seagull and the cat. You have to watch the video till the end!