A Kitten Stuck In A Drain For 5 Days Was Pulled Out Alive In Abu Dhabi!

A 7-weeks old kitten spent five days trapped inside a sewage pipe in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

After big efforts of efforts of Abu Dhabi Police, Civil Defence and the Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi group, the kitten was pulled out alive! The team spent several hours trying to take the kitten out.

The kitten was noticed first by a volunteer from the Animal Welfare. They tried for 5 days to rescue the kitten but they couldn’t reach her as there were two interconnected pipes and she was moving around. They found a small opening on one end of the drain and they left her food and water.

The rescue was really impressive. The authorities blocked the traffic on one lane, and removed the cover of a manhole to take the kitten out to safety. The kitten is healthy even if she is skinny. At the moment she is in a foster place. She was named Pippa.

For more information about Pippa please visit: Facebook.

Source: gulfnews.com.