Man Rescues Over 300 Homeless Cats After Losing His Son…

Chris Arsenault, a retired train conductor from Long Island, NY, rescued more than 300 homeless cats. He started helping cats in need in 2006 after his 24-year-old son Eric lost his life in a tragic motorcycle accident.

Chris decided to turn his home into a Cat Sanctuary and to offer homeless cats the best conditions where they can live safe and happy lives. “I wanted to do something good with my life,” Chris said. “This sanctuary is in memory of my son.”

“We have saved dozens of cats targeted by gangs who try to trap them for use as bait in dog fighting rings, cats hoarded in filthy condemned houses, and cats that were abandoned because they were not considered the “perfect pets” because of their disabilities.

We work tirelessly to combat animal cruelty and neglect with the aid of individual donors, grants, and dedicated volunteers. Cats in our sanctuary are available to adopt, and we work to reduce New York’s feral population using Trap-Neuter-Release methods.”

At the moment the Chris’ sanctuary shelters around 300 rescue cats, each cat with a different story. You can follow Happy Cat Sanctuary’s activity on Facebook.