Miracle Kitten Cassidy And His First Steps In A Wheelchair!

Cassidy’s story is sad but it has a happy ending! Cassidy was rescued from a feral cat colony. He survived nine weeks in a forest after loosing both back legs at birth.

Cassidy is considered now the “miracle kitten” as his chances to survive in that forest were extremely small because of his condition. He refused to give up, he was rescued and adopted by a very loving family! They had him fitted for a wheelchair and they filmed his precious first steps without any help! Now Cassidy can run and play happy thanks to his wheelchair!

The video was posted on YouTube by “Tiny Kittens”. They write at the end of the video that Cassidy’s mother is a feral cat but unfortunately his dad is someone’s pet. This things can happen when the cats are not spayed or neutered. The video ends with a very important message” “Please spay and neuter your cats!”

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