Cat Mother And Her Kittens Safe After Being Thrown in Bismarck Dumpster…

Four kittens and their mother were tossed into a dumpster in Bismarck, North Dakota.

A witness called a pet store nearby to ask for help and two employees went immediately to rescue the poor abandoned cats. The two couldn’t believe their eyes when looking in the garbage pit.

“We just ran over here and the dumpster was already half open and we peeked inside,” said one of the employees, Atlanta Barbere, Mandan.

“I was honestly shaking I was so, I was so mad about it like how could anyone even think to do that,” she said.

The cats were surrounded by waste and in extreme heat. If they weren’t found so fast they would have died pretty soon.

Cats rescued from dumpster

After taking the cats out of the garbage, they contacted police and animal control. The kitties are now in a safe place. They are in the care of Kitty City until they’re ready to be adopted.

Cats are rescued

Kitty City is a free roam safe haven for hard to place cats. It’s a program of the Triple H Minature Horse Rescue.

Kitten from dumpster

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