Two Kittens Rescued In Fort Lauderdale After Getting Stuck Inside A Car and A Truck.

Firefighters rescued two kittens in Fort Lauderdale. One of the kittens was stuck inside a car and the other inside a truck.

The driver of the car where one of the kittens was stock, drove to a Fire Station and crews immediately worked to free the kitten that got stock in the engine compartment.

“They get up there for the warmth and people don’t hear it until they are down the road and they hear the cat meowing,” firefighter Stephanie Pingol said.

The second kitten was rescued from a truck. The kitten was meowing so the Fire Rescue was called to help the persons who heard him get it out.

“He couldn’t get him. He hid in the back part of the truck over the muffler. The fire department came and assisted us in pulling him out,” he said.

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