Woman Provides Different Types Of Shelters For Feral Cats Based On The Cats’ Personalities

When cold weather comes, feral cats suffer and unfortunately there are just too many feral cats for all of them to find safe, warm and forever loving homes. Spaying, neutering, and cat adoption are so important to solving the problem long term, but many cat lovers take the extra step of building outdoor winter shelters for the feral cats in their neighborhood.

Robyn Wilson decided to take the extra step so she provides for the feral cats in her neighborhood different types of shelters based on the cats’ personalities.

Feral cats shelter
“This was one of the shelters donated by the Boy Scouts, lined with Mylar coated insulation and filled with straw.” wrote Robyn on Facebook.

“I have different types of shelters based on the cats’ personalities. Since I feed them twice daily and they are all neutered and social, it became easy for me to gauge what would work for which cat.” Robyn told Land of Cats.

Tall Cats Shelter
“The big house is backed up to the side of the shed to protect it from the wind since it’s so tall! Lined with straw and laced with catnip. If I see someone using it, I will toss in a Hot Hand 18-hour hand warmer under the straw.”

“I came up with the idea for the clear shelters when my “first” feral, Charlie, would NOT go inside anything enclosed and would leave the shed as soon as he was done eating. I quickly figured out that he needs to be able to see all around him.”

“Big Orange is the same way. But I use the shed for the cats who will use it so that they are protected from the wind and elements. Charlie has the one small house, that was just donated to me recently. I was determined to get him to use something after four years of trying and we picked that house because it has an escape door. I sprinkled the inside with catnip to attract him to the heating pad, and the first cold day, he saw the benefit of using the heated house.” Robyn told Land of Cats.

Cats feeding place
Feeding station for the feral kitties.

Shelter in the woods
This shelter is lined with Mylar coated insulation and filled with straw. Robyn used an old tote lid to create an awning to help keep it dry inside.

In the video below you can find some ideas for different types of winter shelters you can provide for your feral cats:

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