Family’s Newborn Baby And Their Cat Are Now Best Friends!

When they first brought their newborn baby Sonny home, the cat watched him from a short distance. It didn’t take long for the two to become inseparable.

‘I think she feels her role is to watch over everyone, like a hawk, that’s her way of protecting.’ ‘I realized Sonny and Mia had a special bond when she started doing things to him that she only does to me, favoring him just as she does me.’ the baby’s mom told

She thinks the cat realizes that the baby came from the belly that she had cuddled while she was carrying him. The two have a very special bond, the cat is acting like she is the baby’s second mom.

‘She will pull Sonny’s hands to her face with her paws, she hugs his head and gives him little kisses on the top of it, and loves cuddling in as close as she can during nap time.’