Sometimes Cats Show Their True Personality Only After They Get Adopted

When cats live in the adoption centers they might not be truly happy. They might not like being closed in a cage, or to share their space with many other cats. Some of them don’t show tier true personalities while they live in shelters. After they get adopted, things can change completely!

The best example is Tiffany. Tiffany was rescued by New Beginnings For Animals, a rescue group in Orange County, California, as a mother with a litter of kittens. Her babies was fast adopted, but she had to wait longer. She was withdrawn and unhappy at the shelter. The rescue group decided to take her to a foster home to help her relieve stress. There everything changed for her. Seeing herself in a real home, she become suddenly happy, playful and so full of life! Her story was shared online with the hope someone will see her true personality and would like to adopt her. The next day, a family visited her at the adoption shelter.

“As soon as I let her out in her new home her adopters saw the personality they had seen in the videos. Confident and friendly! Tiffany was immediately comfortable in her new digs,” said Kimberley. After one year of waiting, Tiffany finally has her own home and family. She also has a new feline sister.

There are so many cats like Tiffany in shelters, cats that might be avoided as they don’t show their true personalities. All those cats need a chance!

Here you can watch Tiffany’s video at her foster place:

UPDATE – Tiffany was adopted! “Due to YOU, the Imgur Community, Tiffany’s post made it to the front page where it was viewed over 140,000 times. One of those views was from an Imgur user whose sister was looking to adopt another cat.” her rescuers wrote.

For more information about Tiffany’s rescuers please visit Facebook.