People Are Dying Over This Cat’s Face After He Was Busted Stealing A Cinnamon Bun

Percy the cat lives with his mom Sophia Lindner since six years. Percy has been mischievous since the day they adopted him. Especially when it comes to stealing human food by any means possible.

“Even though he knows the rules, he will still try to sneak around them,” Sophia told Buzzfeed. “He knows how to steal out of tupperware containers, cupboards, and backpacks,” she said.

Every year on Christmas they have a tradition to make cinnamon rolls in the morning. Sophia specifically and firmly warned Percy to not try to steal anything. Percy now understands the word “no” very clearly.

“He knows that the word ‘NO’ in a low tone means ‘don’t do whatever you’re about to do’,” she said. Of course this didn’t stop Percy to reach for a cinnamon bun! The moment he is busted, Percy takes such a funny ‘guilty’ face! Percy’s mom captured the moment when Percy was busted and posted the photo on Tweeter.

Cat stealing

For cat owners, that face is all too familiar. “To a cat ‘no’ equals ‘wait ’till they’re not looking then do what I want,” someone commented.

Percy’s picture went viral and inspired other people to share their own cats’ moments when “no” meant nothing. Sophia thinks cat owners appreciated her funny photo because it’s often difficult to get “clear proof” of a cat’s guilt.

People who have cats “go through this, and more, with their cats every day,” but “it’s hard to get such clear proof of their mischief.” “They’re so sneaky,” she added.

Source: BuzzFeed