Kitten Rescued After 24 Hours In A Tree!

A kitten remained stuck 50-feet up in a tree in Maesteg during the height of Storm Doris. He was unable to get down safely after getting trapped up the tree on Metcalfe Street.

RSPCA Cymru required the support of the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who needed cut down the tree to be able to rescue the poor frightened kitten.

‘It’s frankly amazing that Topper managed to stay in the tree securely for as long as he did, as the wind was really thrashing this brave kitten about. We’re grateful to the support of South Wales Fire and Rescue Service in completing this rescue; which is another great example of how we often work together to help animals in the local community. Topper was very cold and wet, but thankfully suffered no injuries at all – and it was great to be able to help reunite him with his owner.’ said Gemma Cooper, RSPCA inspector.

‘He’s settled back in really well, is back with the mother cat, and is now more affectionate than ever!’ she said.