Injured Stray Kitten Walked Up To A Couple Crying For Help

A couple was taking a walk when all of a sudden an cute stray tiny kitten came up to them in the street, crying like he was asking them for help. The kind hearted humans didn’t hesitate to help the adorable kitty.

The poor kitten had an injured foot, so the couple rushed with him to the vet. Thankfully, his injury wasn’t too bad and it began to heal. The kitten was showered him love and so much care.

Nobody knows how the kitten wound up in the streets, but they think he was born to a stray cat who left him behind. He wouldn’t have survived much longer if it weren’t for this couple who rescued him.

He is still very young and in need of constant care and food. The couple feeds him with a syringe around the clock.

Kitten asking for help is rescued

The kitten already has two best friends, a human baby and another cat.

Kitten and family cat

He found his happiness with this family who adopted him and offered him a forever loving home!

kitten is rescued

Images source: instagram