Stray Sick Kitten Gets Help. In Just 7 Days She Is Totally Transformed!

Kittens, just like anyone else, get sick. Stray kittens get sick too. They are totally helpless and if nobody helps them they can die. Some of them are lucky to be noticed and helped by people who can’t just pretend they didn’t see them. Opening your heart and home to a cat is an experience like no other.

A tiny stray black and white kitten was found wondering the streets all alone, dirty and scared. A kind hearted woman spotted the kitty, took her and rushed with her at the vet.

The kitty’s condition wasn’t too good. She was refusing to eat and she was apathetic. The vet put her under the necessary treatments. She was placed in a foster place where she received all the love and care that she needed.

“I found this kitten in a very poor condition. She was dirty, so thin and dehydrated. Thankfully she was friendly and let me take her. I rushed with her at the vet where she received a lot of treatments to help her recover” the kitten’s rescuer told Land of Cats.

“She didn’t even had the power to eat alone. Nobody knows how she ended up in that condition”. she said.

Thankfully it didn’t take a long time and the kitten made an amazing transformation! After two days she started to eat alone, slowly she was getting strength, after six days she was already running and playing! She even received a bath that she totally enjoyed.

The kitten was lucky to find a forever loving home! Her family loves her and she is living now the happy life that she deserves.

In just 7 days her transformation is remarkable! In the video below you can watch her evolution and her amazing transformation. What an amazing transformation love and care can make!