Keep Your Cats Safe During New Year’s Eve!

New Year’s Eve is a big party for humans. But for many cats this holiday can be a nightmare!

Cats are scared with loud sounds or fireworks out of their instincts. They associate loud noises with danger and they will feel stressed and fearful. When they hear fireworks they panic and try to find a place where to hide. Many of indoor cats get really scared, imagine how scared a stray cat must be during fireworks.

You can spend a responsible New Year’s Eve! You can enjoy this holiday by taking care with a few details regarding your cats:

– Keep your cats indoors a few days before New Year’s Eve.
– Consider securing your cat in a small room in your home until the fireworks are over.
– Try distracting them with games.
– If you have the possibility foster a stray cat during this holiday.

Happy New Year!