Kitten Abandoned On The Roadside In The Middle Of The Woods…

One kind hearted man was driving when he spotted something moving on the roadside. He stopped to check what is was and he found an abandoned calico kitten who needed help.

He carefully scooped the kitten up, put him into his truck and rushed with him at a local vet. Thankfully, the kitten was healthy, she only had some fleas and ticks.

“I found this little lady in the middle of a buys street so I stopped to pick her up. She was crawling in the street in an area only surrounded by woods so she was either born there and the mother didn’t get to transfer the whole litter or someone just dumped her,” wrote the kitty’s rescuer.

After they got in the truck to head back home, the little kitten fell asleep. Matt didn’t have the heart to wake her up, so they stayed in the truck for about an hour until she woke up.

Kitten rescued from the roadside

The man took the kitten at his home and he cared after her until he found her a forever loving family. The family who adopted her also have another rescue cat, and they get along so well!

kitten adopted

Source: Weloveanimals.