Kitten Survives A 300 Mile Journey From France To Britain Trapped In The Bumper Of A Car!

A three-month-old kitty survived a 300 mile journey from France to Britain trapped in the bumper of a car. The kitten is recovering after the journey that lasted 14 hours.

Doug and Renee Bliss couldn’t believe when the saw the kitten firmly wedged in the grille on their Hyundai i30 after they arrived home from holiday.

kitten survives long journey

They came back home from the St Malo, in the north of France. They believe the cat got stuck just before they boarded a ferry.

The two arrived at Portsmouth International Port after 12 hours. Then the cat then endured a 37 mile journey at 70mph to Sutton Scotney Services.

The moment they heard a faint meowing they opened the bonnet and discovered their feline passenger clinging to the car near the headlight.

The couple, couldn’t pull the kitten out so the car was then taken to the nearest garage where mechanics removed the entire bumper to free the poor little kitten.

Kitten rescue

The kitten, named Malo is lucky to be in good health. He was kept in quarantine for 21 days before being taken to charity Blue Cross who are trying to find him a forever loving family.

Kitten in good health