Kitten Found Frozen To A Blanket Is Brought Back To Life

A kitten who wasn’t moving at all was found frozen to a blanket on a window sill in West Jordan, Utah. The kitten was immediately took to a shelter where she received the help that she needed.

The kitten, named Elsa was icy cold when she was taken at The Humane Society of Utah. Elsa received immediately warm fluids to rehydrate her and she was placed on a heating blanket to bring her temperature at a normal value. She was also very skinny. The rescue team looked after her over night and in the morning she felt much better, she started to meow.

“This kitten was brought to the HSU last night by a good samaritan who found her frozen to a blanket. We were not sure if she was going to make it through the evening but luckily she did. She is a bit skinny and suffered frostbite on the tips of her ears, but she is in good spirits. Our foster staff named her Elsa because she loves to sing to get people over to her kennel.” Elsa’s rescuers wrote on Facebook.

Elsa kitten

“If you are caring for animals out in the community, PLEASE avoid leaving out blankets which absorb water and then freeze. Straw is a much better alternative as it does not absorb water and acts as an excellent insulator.” The Humane Society of Utah wrote.