Kitten Rejected Because He Was Considered ‘Ugly’, Found True Love

Romeo the kitten was rejected by all the people who met him just because he was looking different than a typical cat. Romeo was born with a deformity which caused him to look like that.

Although Romeo is a normal kitten, he loves to play and to cuddle, nobody wanted to adopt him. Fortunately, the kindhearted team from Santuario Compasión Animal decided to give him a chance!

The cute kitten is living a safe and happy life at the sanctuary, where he receives all the love that he needs and the people who take care with him see the beauty that others couldn’t see.

‘Romeo is living more than a month in the Sanctuary and seems delighted with his new home. He spends his days playing and drawing the attention of volunteers to heed him.

It seems incredible that a month ago Romeo was a kitten that nobody wanted to give a home because they said he was ugly and now people around the world have written us to ask for him.

We hope that the story of Romeo help end many prejudices and teach us what is important, what unites us, is the desire to live.’ wrote on Facebook Romeo’s rescuers.

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