The Longest Fur On A Cat!

Sophie is an adorable rescued cat that lives in in Oceanside, California and she is owned by Jami Smith.

Sophie sets the Guinness World Record for the longest fur on a cat. At its longest point, the fur on her tail measures 10.11 inches – 25.68 cm.

“I was out walking my dog one Sunday afternoon when a truck drove up with a couple of guys in it,” “They stopped and held a small paper bag out of the window and asked if I wanted a kitten.” Jami Smith told Guinness World Records. “I wanted to make sure it was safe and cared for, so I told them I would take it.” Someone had left the kitten on their doorstep and they were looking for someone to take care of her.

Jami’s first thought was to take her at a local shelter where she volunteered, but she felt in love with Sophie very fast so she kept her. Sophie required medical attention and bottle-feeding, but Jami took a very good care with her. She started to grow and so did her fur.

The previous record belonged to Internet sensation Colonel Meow.