Cassidy Will Be The First Cat In The World To Receive “Bionic Legs”!

The miracle kitten Cassidy was rescued from a feral cat colony. He survived nine weeks in a forest after loosing both back legs at birth.

Now Cassidy is 8 months old and he is one step closer to receiving a new pair of high-tech prosthetic legs! He received a Botox injection to the muscles in its rear legs. The vets decided to try Botox as an aid to Cassidy’s daily physical therapy. Botox is commonly used in humans for therapeutic reasons, particularly in children to relax contractures from conditions like Cerebral Palsy.

“This will be the first cat in the world to be fitted with prosthetic blades, so our hope today was just the final step before that surgery can be performed,” said veterinarian specialist Mike Higgins.

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Photo source: Facebook.