The Oldest Cat Living!

The oldest cat living is Corduroy (b. 1 August 1989), aged 26 years old. Corduroy holds the Guinness World Records title for the world`s oldest living cat!

Corduroy lives in Sisters, Oregon, USA with his owner, Ashley Reed Okura. He is half Maine Coon and he was adopted from a shelter in Oregon, when his owner Reed Okura was only 7 years old.

Corduroy is in a remarkably good health and in a very good shape. He is only on a special low-protein diet to protect his kidneys. “I strongly believe the key to his longevity is the fact we did not declaw him and allowed him to go outside,”. “He was able to defend himself and exercise his body and mind by hunting. Corduroy still catches critters but is not as good as he once was, thankfully.”
“It is an honour to have Corduroy in our life, I honestly don’t remember much of my life without him,” said Reed. “He is a wonderful companion and I hope to give him a happy and healthy life for many more years.” she added.