Why Cats Make Baby Cry Sound Sometimes?

Almost all the time cats get what they want. They learn to vocalize a particular sound to train their humans! Sometimes the meow sounds like a baby crying.

Researchers at the University of Sussex made a study to understand how cats exercise control of their humans with a particular high-pitched, hard-to-ignore meow.

Researchers discovered that purrs of hungry cats included a higher-pitched sound, that sound like a cry or meow. They played recordings of these purrs from 10 cats to 50 human volunteers. Even people who’d never owned a cat found them to be more urgent and less pleasant than contented purrs from the same cats.

The study suggest that these purrs seeking for food may exploit the way humans naturally respond to a baby’s cry.

“The embedding of a cry within a call that we normally associate with contentment is quite a subtle means of eliciting a response,” said Karen McComb of the University of Sussex. She also said not all cats use this strategy. Some apparently learn to turn it on when they see it’s effective in getting a human to feed them.