Kitten Rescued From Van Engine In London

The firefighters from London Fire Brigade were called to rescue a tiny black kitten that was trapped in the engine of a van.

Firefighters lifted the van, stripped the undercarriage and brought the kitten to safety. It took Watch Manager Thomas Wolfe 45 minutes to release the kitten. The kitten was subsequently named Wolfie, in honor of his savior!

Wolfie was unharmed and is recuperating at a RSPCA (England & Wales) hospital in Putney.

“It was such a tiny kitten it was quite hard to find as it had got itself right into the engine. “It took me about 45 minutes to locate him and get him safely out. I was relieved to see him unharmed as I handed him over to the RSPCA.” “Our advice is always to call the RSPCA if you see an animal stuck somewhere, and then if they need our help, they’ll call on us, as they did on this occasion.” “In my 20 years as a firefighter this is only the second cat I’ve had to rescue. It goes to show that the old stereotype about firefighters always rescuing cats is nonsense!” said Thomas Wolfe.

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