Sad Kitty Left To Die On The Side Of The Road, Is Saved

A woman was walking back to her home when noticed a little kitty laying on the street alone. At first, she thought that the kitten is dead, but when she looked closer she saw some little movements.

The kind hearted woman took the kitten immediately to the vet. After some treatments the woman took him home with her.

Kitten at the vet

“This poor kitten was left to die in the streets I was lucky to spot him and get him home.”

kitten recovery

“Very sad to see any one hurt a kitten and just leave it. I don’t no if he was hit by a car or abused by some one, but i am taking care of him and getting him medical treatment. His name is lucky since he is lucky to be alive.” wrote his rescuer at the description of the video that she posted on YouTube.

“We thought for sure she never walk again but this fisty spirited kitten put up a good fight to recovery. She has minor injurys to her front leg but will be walking soon like a normal cat.” wrote the kitty rescuer.

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