Town In Italy Switches To Silent Fireworks To Reduce Anxiety In Animals!

Fireworks are an universal symbol of celebration. People eagerly gather to take in the dramatic spectacle of the explosions of color that fills the sky, and the loud noise that goes with it.

If you have furry baby at home, you know that there is one thing you dread about holidays like the Fourth of July. Many cats and dogs are terrified of fireworks, and they have the right to be. Cats are scared with loud sounds or fireworks out of their instincts. They associate loud noises with danger and they will feel stressed and fearful. When they hear fireworks they panic and try to find a place where to hide.

Many veterinarians have confirmed that July 5th is the day that they experience the greatest amount of visits during the year. Some animals hurt themselves trying to escape the noise or hide.

A town in Italy decided to reduce anxiety in animals due to firework explosions. The local government of Collecchio has introduced legislation that requires fireworks in their town to be silent, to reduce stress that loud noises can cause to all types of animals, ranging from house pets to wildlife. A company named Setti Fireworks that is located in Genova, Italy, produces these types of silent fireworks and can customize them for any event.

Would you support noiseless fireworks in order to keep animals safe?