Four Reasons Why Your Cat Sleeps on You

Cat Lovers know that this is pretty common behaviour, but why do cats like to sleep on us and claim our backs as their beds? There are a few reasons why your cat sleeps on you:

1. Warmth – Cats love to sleep in warm places and since she can’t find any natural sunlight at night, they have to find another way for warmth. And your chest is far more comfortable than on the hard floor.

Cat adores you

2. Your Cat Adores You – Your cat spent all her day at home and while you are at work she misses you. When you return from home from a long day all she wants to do is spend some time with you and be close to you. Head-butting, purring and affectionate contact are all signs of your cat showing your cat adores you.

Cat sleeping on you

3. Security – Apart from comfort, your cat feels safe being close to you. The natural scents of your body also helps your cat feel secure as they associates it with the companionship and safety you provide them.

Comfortable place to sleep

4. Comfort – Even though your cat can sleep almost anywhere she likes in the house, whether it’s on a stack of folded blankets, on your clean laundry or even their own cat tree, YOU are one of the coziest places where your cat loves to sleep on!

Where does your cat usually sleep? Do you let her sleep on your bed or on you?