Russians Are World’s Biggest Cat Lovers!

According to the latest survey by research company Dalia, 59 percent of Russians own at least one cat. This is more than 10 percentage points higher than any other country in their survey of 52 countries!

In Russia, cats have been placed on a high pedestal since Empress Elizabeth’s reign in the 1700s, where cats were living pampered lives at the palace and they were prized for their mouse-catching abilities. Today, in part of the palace that is now called St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum, live roughly 70 cats.

According to the survey Malaysia boasts the highest share of people who own 3 or more cats (17%). In Malaysia, people are more likely to own 3 or more cats than they are to own just 1 or 2 cats.

Ukraine scores in second place with 49 percent of its population looking after cats, and the U.S. is third with 42 percent.

The results were based on a representative survey of 43,034 people across 52 countries conducted in April. South Korea scores lowest on the list. Only 9 percent of people own a cat.