Adorable Girl Is Given A Kitten And She Cries Tears Of Pure Joy!

Marley’s mother, Nikki, brought home a black kitten that was found under her friend’s porch with her sibling. The adorable black kitten was a mini version of Marley’s best friend Simon the cat, who sadly had passed away the year before.

“Marley’s a big animal lover. She’s always putting her change in the donation cans at the pet supply store, and we already have two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig in our family,” said Marley’s mother. “Our elderly black cat Simon had passed away the year before and she’d been asking for a kitten since.”

Nikki had no intention of bringing another cat home, but… sometimes these things are meant to be. So she brought tiny Ella home and placed her in Marley’s room, waiting for her daughter to return. “Marley had NO IDEA, she had come home from a friend’s house and the rest is history!” Marley’s reaction is so emotional!