Nostrand, The Cat Abandoned On The Street With His Stuff

Nostrand the cat had an owner, an owner that he loved and trusted. One day the owner decided he doesn’t need him any more and he abandoned him on the streets of New York with all his stuff. A passerby, Meredith Ferrel saw him and she took a photo that was posted on Facebook asking for help to catch the cat. Poor cat got scared and he run away. A rescue team searched for him for a few days when he finally turned up in the backyard of a cat rescuer named Karen Oh. He was rescued by Fat Cats, a Trap-Neuter-Return group based in the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens area of Flatbush, Brooklyn. Nostrand’s story impressed people all over the world!

“We are completely overwhelmed by the response to Nostrand’s story. Offers to adopt have come in from all over the USA, from Canada, and even from Brazil! Many offers have also come in from local people. As we take time to go through all the wonderful applications, please be assured that we will make sure Nostrand finds the best possible home right here in Brooklyn.” Nostrand’s rescuers wrote on Facebook.

“We thank all of you for the love and concern shown for this abandoned cat who has touched so many hearts. We hope that this brings awareness to the fact that there are hundreds of homeless cats, lost, abandoned, friendly, living on the streets and needing a home. Please consider adopting or fostering a cat from your local rescue so that they can help another. And please be assured that Nostrand is safe and in good hands now. We will keep you all updated.” wrote on Facebook the wonderful people who rescued him!

We wish you a long and happy life, Nostrand!

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