Cat Lost 14 Years Ago Was Found Alive And Well!

Rachel Wells lost her cat named Snitch 14 years ago. She and her partner spent months searching for the cat in 2003, putting up posters and leaflets through doors, but without any success. They lost the hope they will ever find the cat again.

A miracle happened when the veterinary nurse received a call to inform her Snitch, now 15, had been found alive and well. Miss Wells was ‘gobsmacked’ to hear the great news about her lost cat, who was traced via updated details in his microchip.

Snitch lived about two years as a stray. Then the cat found a new home at a local museum where he received a new name and came under the care of a new owner. Today he is cared for by Roger Colbourne, 70, who has worked at the museum for 27 years and first met ‘Tiger’ 12 years ago.

‘I gave him some of my lunch and he never stopped coming back,’ he said. Mr Colbourne said the pair have ‘a special bond’ and he ‘can’t imagine life without his companionship’.

Miss Wells, who works for White Cross Vets in the Midlands, sow how loved he is at his home, so she decided is better for him to stay there.

‘He gets fed fish and chips every day by the museum, he couldn’t have asked for better than that. Roger has had him a lot longer than I have and he is so well loved.’