Cat Tracks The Owner That She Was Separated With In A Nursing Home

Although many experts have tried to figure it out, no one really knows why cats choose a particular person whom they will bond with. It can be the human’s manners, voice, or simply how that owner treats the cat. Perhaps it may be the human is really gentle, or maybe a little more forceful bringing the best out in the cat. Cats are loyal creatures, they get so much attached with their owners and they create deep bonds with them. Cats suffer when they are separated with their owners.

Here is a heartwarming story about a cat who didn’t want to accept the separation with her owner. Nancy Cowne adopted Cleo 10 years ago. The two were separated 8 years later when Nancy went to an elderly care home and Cleo was moved at one neighbor.

About two weeks after Nancy moved in the nursing home, the workers there began receiving visits from a friendly cat who was sleeping out front, spending her days wandering the grounds peering through windows of the home. They thought it was a stray cat until the day when Nancy saw the cat ‘That cat looks like my cat,’ Nancy said. ‘But my cat lost part of her tail in a traffic accident’ she said. The workers checked the cat’s tail and they discovered she is missing a big part of it.

“I think it is just amazing that Cleo found Nancy. Obviously, Cleo knew Nancy was here, but nobody knew that it was her cat. Very strange. I don’t know how Cleo found her. It still baffles me. It’s really, really weird,” caregiver Laura Costello told The Dodo.

Cleo has been invited to live with Nancy in the nursing home and she’s hardly left hers side since.


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