Cat Struggling To Give Birth Goes To Health Clinic For Help!

A stray cat who was pregnant, struggling to give birth, found herself all alone on the streets of Turkey searching for a safe place to give birth to her babies.

She is a smart kitty so she went to cry for help outside a family health center.

Clinic stuff from the health center recorded the cat’s actions on camera and asked a veterinary for help. The veterinary took the cat, and she gave birth via a cesarean section.

“When we received the cat, she was in a poor condition and in pain. Because the time for her to give birth had passed, we had to urgently give her an operation,” said the veterinary who performed the cesarean section.

“The operation was successful. We now have four kittens. She will stay under our protection until she regains her health and we find homes for the kittens,” the veterinary added.