Tiny Kitten Can’t Stop Kissing Cyclist Who Rescued Him

Brazilian cyclist Viitor Fonseca was out on a ride when he noticed a tiny orphaned kitty who needed help. The kitten was found all alone, and Viitor decided immediately to rescue him.

He didn’t have anything to carry the kitten so Viitor placed the tiny kitty in his shirt. Surprisingly, the kitten did not mind at all.

The tiny tabby was so grateful that he gave his rescuer a few kisses on his neck and chin!

“Saving a little life today,” Viitor wrote on Facebook. “I’m glad that he liked me and was not clawing me.”

He kept the kitten in the shirt securely for about 10 km (6.2 miles) until they reached their destination. “All he did was play,” Viitor said.

Viitor found the kitten a forever home!


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