Woman Opens Door and She Finds a Cute Surprise Waiting For Her on Her Doorstep

A woman opened her door one morning and was surprised to find a cute kitty waiting for her on her doorstep, asking to come inside.

The tortoiseshell kitten came to the family’s doorstep all by herself. She waited outside, looking at the humans she chose with her big and beautiful eyes as if she was begging to be let inside the house.

Of course the family couldn’t refuse the kitty who made them fall in love with her immediately. They named her Tippy. As soon as they welcomed the kitten in, she went directly up her human’s shoulder and decided to curl up there for a nap.

Kitten found at the door

“She can’t be more than a few months old, she’s super friendly and wants to be up my butt 24/7. We live in the country so I think someone must have dumped her.” Tippy’s mom said. Tippy bonded with their five-year old son and the two can’t be separated now.

Kitten at the door

The Tortie is happy now at her new home with plenty of good food, comfortable places to nap, and loving humans to cuddle with all the time.

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