Drew Barrymore Planned To Rescue One Kitten But Ended Up Going Home With Three

Drew Barrymore, 42-year-old actress rescued three adorable kittens along with her two daughters Olive (five) and Frankie (three).

The actress, shared a photo of her new rescued kittens on Instagram, admitting that she hadn’t expected her family to grow so large.

“If you can believe, my daughters and I went to rescue a cat and came home with three kittens in need,” she wrote in the caption. “#thekitties #rescue #christmasmiracle or I just became the crazy cat lady? Names are (from left to right) LUCKY (Olive’s cat) PEACH (Frankie’s cat) FERN (mine) all females #GIRLGANG.” she wrote.

Lucky, Peach and Fern join the star’s dog named Douglas, who is also a rescue from the San Fernando Valley in California.

“He is a rescue from the San Fernando Valley. With all fires and floods and tragedy that have changed the lives of people overnight in our country, many people have pets that are family members as well. Animals need us too. I am putting this in here because I support this amazing organization and they need all the resources they can get, from a year of such difficulty and overwhelming disasters. Please give any time or money you can give to help take care of our pets. They take care of us right back!” the actress wrote.