Calico Cat Found Shot in Eye Surprised Everyone With Her Enormous Heart

The Cat House on the Kings were told that a calico cat needed help. The 6-month-old calico cat was shot in the eye so they took her in right away.

‘Holly is a beautiful calico girl (about 6 months old) who just came to The Cat House on the Kings from a local animal control. She has been shot in the back of her head at close range by a pellet gun ~ with the pellet still embedded near her eye. (Animal Control is investigating this terrible act of cruelty.)’ wrote Holly’s rescuers from The Cat House on the Kings on Facebook.

Despite Holly had gone through a terrible experience, she surprised everyone with her enormous heart! A few days after her surgery, she was accepting pets and cuddles, and even purred to show them gratitude. Isn’t she a sweetheart?