Ginger Cat Was Hit By Car. $6,000 Later…

A woman started to feed daily a ginger cat who was coming to her work place looking for food. Then the cat disappeared and when he returned after five days he was unrecognizable. He was hit by a car and badly injured.

The woman called a vet to track and net trap him. Once he was trapped he was taken to the vet. The vets realized that he was in a critical. He had a huge body abscess that needed to be drained through tubes. He also suffered from a broken jaw that was later repaired.

Cat face reconstruction

He was named Mister Pickle. He needed facial reconstruction surgery, and he stayed in the hospital for 45 days. It took about $6,000 and a lot of hard work, but Pickle has fully recovered and is a handsome and happy boy. Mister Pickle is all happy and fluffy now. He has now a loving owner and a new cat friend named Ted! The woman who adopted him says “he’s the best indoor baby I could ask for”.

rescued cat and his friend