Desperate Kitten Was Crying For Help Underneath A Car. Six Months Later…

Rufus the kitten was found hiding underneath a car, crying for help. Dee was nearby her home when she found him in her neighbor’s yard meowing. He looked at her with such desperation that she couldn’t leave him there without any help.

It was clear that he wasn’t given any food by the neighbors so she took him home. She first took him just in foster till he got adopted but he was skinny and people didn’t want a malnourished kitten. Couple trips to the vet and good food and loads of loving, he opened up.

For the next few days, Rufus spent most of his time napping and eating. Slowly he regained strength, put on some weight and he was feeling more and more better.

“Those eyes would have haunted me forever had I not brought him home. In many ways he has made my life better. He is so sweet.” Ruffus’ rescuer wrote.

Rufus the kitten

“On the first day, I brought him home, cleaned him up and fed him kitten food. He gorged on it. After a trip to the vet, I put up pics on the net for adoption since I already had a cat, for 4 weeks no one came but in those three weeks every time he saw me or my dad he would light up! He was so friendly that when someone did offer to take him, we were completely in love with him and took off the pics.” Dee wrote on Reddit.

“He is uber sweet, runs behind butterflies, likes to lay down in the middle of the living room all stretched out and when we sit down, plonks himself on our laps. He meeps a lot and his call for food is different from when he wants water. He had a lil bro who has joined him, a grey tabby boy and these two are a riot. she wrote.

After six months…

Rufus after six months

For more information about Rufus please visit: Reddit.