Kittens Rescued From Drowning In The Last Moments!

During a monsoon storm in Jomtien Thailand, two kittens found themselves in grave danger as their mother hid them in some dry abandoned water tanks that were filling slowly with rain water.

Some neighbors heard the kittens crying and immediately went to rescue them. The kittens were the babies of one of the neighborhood strays. The kind hearted people who went to help them managed to rescue them from drowning in the last moments.

People knew the cat mama had four kittens, not only two, but only two were found in the tanks. Neighbors searched for the other two but they couldn’t find them. But in the course of the night, the mama cat found them and all the family was reunited.

‘After the flood, all four kittens were doing fine nursing with Momma, and are fun to watch playing hide and seek with each other hanging around the yard. We left out food for them to find, and they have safe dry places to sleep, take their cat naps, and are safe from predators as they grow daily.’ wrote on YouTube the kittens rescuers.

‘They have grown a lot, are able to hunt and find food themselves, and Momma stopped nursing them and chases them away everytime they come near now. The pretty one with the blue eyes was taken as a pet, 2 have moved on within the neighborhood, and one light colored one still hangs around the house and yard as we keep putting food out.’ they recently made an update about the kittens.