London Bus Driver Finds Three Kittens Abandoned Onboard!

A London bus driver was surprised to find three tiny tuxedo kittens onboard! The kittens were abandoned in a box left on the vehicle.

Siobhan Trinnaman, an animal welfare officer at the RSPCA, rescued the kittens and took them to the charity’s Harmsworth Animal Hospital in Finsbury Park.

The little cute kittens are far too young to be away from their mother. Luckily, they are now being very well looked after by the vets and nurses.

The three weeks old kittens are fed around-the-clock. They are very playful, full of energy and they love to receive a lot of attention and many cuddles.

“Thank goodness the driver spotted this unusual box onboard the bus and found the kittens inside.” said Siobhan Trinnaman.

“‘To leave these vulnerable kittens like this is inexcusable and unbelievable – anything could have happened to them.’ ‘Cases like this highlight the need for more education to ensure potential cat owners understand the commitment, responsibility and costs involved in taking on a pet, as well as the importance of neutering cats.” she said.

The kittens, named Arriva, Diesel and Oyster will be up for adoption when they will be big enough.


Photo credit – RSPCA