Kitten With Leg Deformities, Barely Surviving, Walks Up To Woman And Asks For Help

A kind hearted woman spotted in her yard a tiny stray kitten who was walking in a strange way. She brought the kitten immediately inside her home to try to care for him, but she realized that the kitten was special and he needed more help than she could offer him.

The woman contacted Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, hoping they could help him and offer him the care he urgently needed. Nobody knows how the poor kitten survived on the streets for five weeks, but he has a will to live!.

The kitten was named Scooter. “Meet our new special needs boy Scooter. Scooter was found outside all by himself, barely surviving! If you watch his video, Scooter has front leg deformities and walks on the sides of his arms. He also has a horrible eye infection and seems to be having trouble eating. Luckily, a Good Samaritan found him, and was able to contact us. We don’t know how he survived outside for 5 weeks, but Scooter has a will to live!” His rescuers wrote on Facebook.

“Despite all his problems, Scooter purrs constantly and loves to play with toys. We have had so many special needs cases recently that our medical fund is depleted, but when we saw Scooter, we knew we couldn’t turn him away!” his rescuers wrote.

Even though Scooter walks a bit differently, nothing can stop him from enjoying life and being a happy kitty!

After a lot of care and treatments Scooter recovered from his upper respiratory infection and started to gain weight.

Scooter recovery

It didn’t last long and Scooter found his loving family! “Look who was adopted and has the best mom and dad ever! Scooter has found his forever family and loves his 2 new big brothers. He rules the house and even tries to steal his brother’s food!”

Scooter was adopted