Seven Kittens Rescued From Burning Building By Firefighters!

Firefighters rescue lives every day all over the world. They are accustomed to deal of kind o situations and many times they put their lives in danger to rescue other lives.

They do often trainings so that they can apply the skills they’ve learned in a controlled environment. One training session was a bit different for the firefighters from the Annandale Hose Company.

They started their training as usual, the house was set on fire and it started to fill up with black smoke. When they entered inside they had a shock. They found a box with seven tiny kittens in the basement.

“We got a surprise when seven very fragile, and very scared, kittens were located and rescued inside the burning building,” the firefighting company explained on Facebook.

Unfortunately, the kittens mother couldn’t be found. They searched each day but no sign of her. The kittens are save and healthy.