Feral Rescued Tomcat Becomes ‘Nursing’ Dad to Rescued Kittens

18 feral cats and kittens were trapped and evacuated from the British Columbia wildfires. They were taken to safety by TinyKittens, an animal rescue organization in Langley, British Columbia.

They placed all the cats foster places and soon they noticed that one of the feral tomcats had a strong parental instinct for the kittens he was fostered with. Not only did he start grooming them, but he also let them “nurse”.

“It is biologically programmed into them to further their own genetic line, so replacing other toms’ kittens with their own is one way for them to fulfill their biological mandate. That’s why we’re so surprised about Elliott and Mason.” TinyKittens said.

Elliott is extremely gentle with the kittens, making sure that they are always clean and comfortable.


For more information about these kitties please contact TinyKittens.