The Two Kittens ‘Colored In’ With Permanent Marker Are Getting Better!

Smurf and Shrek were rescued in England after being found “colored in” with permanent marker.

Smurf and Shrek are now in the care of The Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Center and they are getting better hour by hour!

“The colour is fading and they are now taking their feeds well.” was written on “Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Kittens” website. The two kittens tasted for the first time solid food. Shrek was a little over enthusiastic whilst Smurf gradually got used to the idea.

“They went the vets for a review and the team at Northcote were very happy to see them doing so well. There are no real health concerns and now the intensive nursing is not so intense they will be going into foster care for the foreseeable future with one of our volunteers.”

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