Company From Japan Pays Their Employees For Rescuing Kitties

Ferray Corporation, an IT company from Tokyo has rescued many cats who now run the office! The company even encourage the employees to rescue and adopt by paying them a bonus for every cat they save.

In Tokyo many people work for long hours and are not able to own a cat because of their limited time and restrictions from their landlords. So they found the solution: cats at the office and they are the purrfect stress relievers.

Cats at office

At the moment they have nine office cats. The employees noticed a positive impact on their productivity and morale ever since they adopted the first office cat. The workers are paid with a “cat bonus” of 5,000 yen ($45USD) for every cat in need they rescue.

Kitty at office

Since they have the cats in the office their communication has dramatically improved, and the cats have helped strengthen their team spirit and alleviate their stress.

Office kitty

Many Japanese companies have started to allow animals in the office to help lower stress and anxiety.

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