Woman Leaves $300,000 To Her Cats In Her Will

A woman from New York woman has left her two beloved cats $300,000 in her will. Ellen Frey-Wouters, died at the age of 88 without any heirs to inherit her $3 million estate. She left $300,000 in a trust fund for her cats, Troy and Tiger. She left strict instructions that the money be used to ensure her cats will be “lovingly” cared for and never caged.

The two cats have now covered all their expenses, including food, grooming and veterinary care. They will be cared now by two of Ms Frey-Wouters’ former health care aides.

“The cats were like her babies,” Dahlia Grizzle, Ms Frey-Wouters’ former health care aide said. She will now take care of one of the cats, Tiger. “He’s a wonderful cat,” she said.

“I said I didn’t think, you know, $300,000 was necessary,” Ms Frey-Wouters’ lawyer Irwin Fingerit said. But the old lady insisted as she wanted to make sure her cats were taken care of.

Source: ndtv.com.