Kitten Suffering Three Days of Thunderstorms Was Rescued

A frightened little tabby was hiding under a traffic pole in San Antonio’s Medical Center. Poor kitty crawled under the concrete lip of a traffic pole near the busy intersection of Floyd Curl and Medical Drive. The kitten was heard meowing during the thunderstorms since Memorial Day. Animal Care Officer Daniel White and a crew from San Antonio’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department were trying for two days to lure the kitten out of the metal pole.

kitten under metal pole

After two days the kitten was finally freed from the wire-filled pole and he was rushed to Animal Care Services veterinary clinic for care.

kitten at the vet

“Abandoned at a busy intersection in San Antonio’s Medical Center area Memorial Day. Stuck in the hollowed middle of a traffic pole through storms. Saved by an ACS Animal Care Officer and a crew from the City’s Transportation and Capital Improvements. Recovering and looking for a foster at Animal Care Services.” wrote on Facebook City of San Antonio Animal Care Services.

At the moment the kitten is recovering but when he will feel better he will need a foster family. For more details about the kitten please visit: Facebook.

kitten under recovery

Images source: Facebook