Kitten Thrown Out Of Moving Car Saved By Good Samaritan

A woman who was driving down Route 69, near Walmart, in Waterbury reported witnessing a kitten being tossed out of a window of a moving car.

The staff from Whitskers Pet Rescue took the kitten thrown out of the car in their care. “They pulled over immediately because they saw the kitten tumble,” said Caroline Abate, a volunteer for the Whitskers Pet Rescue, in Southbury.

Kitten thrown from moving car

The kitten who is estimated to have about 5 weeks old was given the name Winslow by a veterinary assistant, who treated him. “He was very lucky,” said Dr. Kristen Kenzora, of the Southbury Veterinary Hospital, who examined the cat. Winslow didn’t lose any teeth but he did lose part of his lips in the fulcrum area and a part of his nose. He is probably going to acclimate very well.

Kitten bottle fed

At the moment the kitten is on a very low dose of antibiotics just to make sure that nose doesn’t get infected. He is getting better day by day and will be ready for adoption in about one month.

Kitten rescued

For more information about Winslow please visit: whiskerspetrescue.

Source: Aol